The opinions and feedbacks of the companies we work with, our customers, partners, and references are of paramount importance to us.
For the best outcome and in order to maintain satisfaction, we ensure that TMGD Hizmetleri Advisory Company is continuously getting evaluated by the parties who have chosen us and share their feelings and thoughts with us.

If you want to get to know us through our references listed below, we will be honored and happy to share the authorized contact information of the company you want.
[email protected]


In addition, you can get in touch directly with many of the companies listed here for business via the Marketplace area in the DGSAPro system.

Mitsubishi Electric
Petrol Ofisi, Dealers in Turkey
Opet, Dealers in Turkey
Shell, Dealers in Turkey
bp, Dealers in Turkey
DEVA Holding
Saba Pharmaceuticals
BATI Shipping & Trading S.A.
Zafer Container Transportation
Egepen Deceuninck
EF Kimya
Lisam Systems Company
Soylu Kimya
Weilburger Chemicals
Egedeltaş Madencilik
Surtaş Group
Yurtgaz A.Ş.
Yeniyurt Petrol Terminal A.Ş.
Pomza Export Madencilik
Aytemiz, Dealers in Turkey
Lukoil, Dealers in Turkey
Bundy Refrigeration