Organizational Chart

Who are we?

We are a solution-oriented company that closely follows contemporary global business models and provides worldwide service.

Why are we preferred?
  • All customers who prefer our company know that the paths to solution pass through TMGD Hizmetleri.
  • In all our services, we act transparently, follow-up, and keep management processes in a digital central environment.
  • All works, along with performance tracking, are under record and can be monitored at any time.
  • We continue to support our customers 24/7 with customer-oriented CRM systems.
Who are our solution partners?

Our company has the infrastructure to meet the needs of our customers quickly with its solutions and global partners. In addition to being the best companies in the sector, all of our business partners cooperate with us to quickly support our customers with the marketplace system we have established.

What are our services?

We stand out in the global arena by developing new projects and products that will shed light on the sector, as well as providing advisory, brokerage, and technical support services, which are our main activities.

What are our successes?

With unique developments that we have made in the market, such as DGSAPro Dangerous Goods Management System, DG Integration, DG Fleet Management, and U-ETDS / U-ETES, we have leading products and services.