HSSE Policy

In our activities, we continue to serve our customers within the framework of human health, safety, security, and environmental awareness and adopt a solution-oriented HSSE Policy.


  • To carry out our services in accordance with legal provisions and national/international standards.
  • To ensure that hazards and risks are identified and measures are taken in accordance with the structure of the companies that are served.
  • To ensure that all employees avoid behaviors that can cause accidents and harm health and the environment.
  • To take measures against the negative effects of factors that threaten occupational safety and human health.
  • To comply with the laws, regulations, standards, and rules that apply wherever we do business and to determine the solution partners according to the safety, health, environment, and quality policy.
  • To take care of everyone in our facilities or affected by our activities while carrying out our operations safely and reliably.
  • To present our services at international standards in a quality manner accompanied by national laws, regulations, communiqués, and circulars.
  • To make a continuous improvement with systematic and effective methods to increase the quality, environment, occupational health and safety performance.
  • To continuously improve the competence of our staff and increase the quality of service.
  • To provide accurate and reliable service and support with trained personnel to increase the quality level.

Wherever it is, TMGD HIZMETLERI ADVISORS are responsible for the correct implementation of HSSE Policy. The health, safety, and security of everyone working for us is of great importance for the success of our business.


  • We will comply with all applicable local laws, company policies, and procedures.
  • We will regularly and systematically manage our operational activities to reduce risks and improve our performance.
  • We will consult, listen to, and give clear answers to our customers, employees, groups working for the benefit of the community, and those doing business with us.
  • We will support our employees, suppliers, and customers with training by raising awareness about occupational health and safety.
  • We will work together with our business partners, suppliers, competitors, and regulatory agencies.
  • Good or bad, we will clearly report our performance.
  • We will appreciate those who have contributed to the improvement of our HSSE performance.
  • We will continuously improve our performance by developing the leadership, capacity, and capabilities of our organization.
  • Our business plans include measurable HSSE goals. As employees of TMGD Hizmetleri Corporation, we are committed to managing all our activities effectively based on Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) criteria and reaching the targets.