Quality Policy

Our vision as TMGD Hizmetleri Advisory Ind. Trade. Co. Ltd. is based on adding value to our customers and business partners. We aim to adopt the principles of Total Quality Management in order to be a leading global company in our field without giving up our core values.

Accordingly, the basics of our Quality Policy are as follows:

  • To serve within the principles of impartiality, transparency, independence, equality, honesty, and confidentiality.
  • To serve with international conventions, national laws, regulations, circulars, and communiqués accompanied by all relevant standards.
  • To collaborate in projects and process management that will provide added value to companies.
  • To protect the social and employment rights of our employers, workers, subcontractors, and advisors.
  • To provide service in the same quality in collaboration with the subcontractors and employers in line with the in-house procedures and instructions.
  • To be solution-oriented in service.
  • To provide company management and service accessibility with high software technological supports.
  • To keep customer satisfaction high and to be easily accessible at all times.
  • To protect and use the environment and natural resources in the best way.
  • To ensure safe working in the land entrusted to our children by taking all precautions to warrant that hazardous materials are carried out in the production and transportation activities without harming nature and the environment.
  • To use and share all kinds of information in the most efficient way to reach quality targets.
  • To ensure that all employees produce services at the same quality standards and undergo in-house academic training accordingly.
  • To focus on the sustainable growth of our business parallel with the potential of development of the sector both in Turkey and the world.
  • To provide the necessary coordination and quality service environment according to the increasing business capacity.